Angel Communication Boards

I know what you are thinking... you are not supposed to use those scary spirit boards!

Years ago, my mom and I decided to buy a ouija board and see if we could use it with added protection. As we were driving home you could feel this dark energy coming from the back seat. We started to panic and tried to think of what to do with the board. We didn't want to bring it home and we didn't want to leave it at a bus stop or something! After driving around for awhile in a panic it ended up being tossed in a dumpster behind a restaurant (don't worry, they are still in business). That is when my mother had the idea of creating a board with built in protection and that is how the Angel Communication Board came about. 

Angel Communication Boards are spirit boards with built in protection. The problem with the traditional boards is that they are open to everything, so negative beings can come through. The angel boards are a great tool to easily and safely connect with your guides, angels and loved ones who have crossed over. 


Protection is very important anytime you are opening yourself up to connect to the other side. We live in a world of duality so there is always going to be positive and negative and that goes for the other side as well. This board is designed with built in protection, and along with the prayer provided in the instructions, will keep you safe from those pesky negative beings! 

  • Safe and easy to use for all ages.

  • Has built in protection.

  • Great tool to practise your own psychic gifts and abilities.

  • Downloadable Instructions.

  • Each board is handmade.

  • Please remember this is a tool to help you connect with spirit. It is up to you to allow them in or not.

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The Story

My mother, who was a professional psychic medium, wanted to create a protected communication board for everyone to use. She had always known the traditional board was not safe to use and after a few failed attempts at trying to use them with outside protection, she decided to figure out how to make one with built in protection. She spent a lot of time working on creating one and came up with a prototype which worked wonderfully. She unfortunately passed away in February, 2018 so I decided to carry this idea on and use it as a way to help heal. She was adamant about spiritual protection, (we have stock piles of sage and holy water, the good stuff from the River Jordan...) and with all her many years of experience,  I one hundred precent trust the board and the work she put into it. I followed her template and added a few design elements of my own. I know she helped me in the creation process and I hope this board helps you with whatever you are needing. 

-Elora Taylor

“I found using the angel board to be easy and fun. I was able to connect with my spirit guides and get the questions I asked answered. Thank you for making this tool!"  E.G.- Toronto, ON 


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Natural birch wood Angel Communication Board with gold or white/grey edging that has been sealed.

*Each board and planchette is handmade so each board is completely unique!

*Please be aware that there may be some imperfections due to the nature of handmade items.

Please read all instructions provided before use. 

Buy purchasing this board you are agreeing to work only with beings of love and light and love and light only. 


Size: 12x15.5 inches


The crystals in the planchette are:  

Amethyst: To help calm the mind, open your psychic centres and to strengthen intuition. 

Black Turmaline: For protection.

Rose Quartz: For healing and attracting positivity and love

Price: $60 (includes shipping)

Payment made though email transfer or paypal 

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