What is channeling?


Channeling is brining through information from a higher source while in a trance state. You are opening yourself up to allow higher entities to use your body to communicate. There is no possession in channeling, it is a blending of minds. You are raising your vibration or energy and the entities are lowering theirs to meet in the middle. It involves consciously shifting your mind and energy to create an expanded awareness called a trance state. 


-Channeled Message-

Channeling is simply connecting with higher vibrational energy and using it to communicate. Understand that channeling is about communication. Understand that channeling is a simple concept and does not take long to learn. There are many higher energies that are willing to work with you. They bring their energy lower and you are to bring your energy higher to connect. Your energies then blend as they work in your energy field or aura that surrounds your physical body. They connect in through the channeling chakra, which is located at the base of the skull. You will notice when you start to learn to channel and open up to it, your neck may become stiff or sore. Do not worry! This is only temporary and it is that chakra opening up. You will need to move your consciousness aside to allow the higher energies to come through. Channeling should always feel good and you should feel better afterwards. Depending on what you are channeling you will need to learn how to control your own vibration so that you can meet up. Channeling is supposed to be fun, healing and insightful. You are just the vessel for that which wishes to connect to come through. It is a process and a journey. 




What can you channel?


You can channel pretty much anything and anyone! Make sure that they are beings of love and light though! Otherwise, you may run into some trouble. (More on that later) From angels, to guides, to people who have crossed over, to off world enemies or dimensional beings, they can all come through while in a channeled state. 



Ways you can channel


There are many different ways that you can channel. Probably the most obvious one is vocal or trance channeling. This is where an entity is speaking though you to give, hopefully, useful guidance and information. Some famous examples of this are Abraham Hicks, Bashar, J.Z Knight, Edgar Cacey and Jane Roberts. Do some research on any one of these people and you will get a good idea of vocal channeling. 

You can also channel things such as art, music, writing, health, science and technology.


Example of Vocal/Trance Channeling:

There are different energy levels when working with higher beings/spirit. Each group vibrates at their own frequency. 

The vibrational landscape will give you an idea of how high up you need to go energetically to connect with what you prefer to connect with. 






This is a simple meditation on playing around with the vibrational landscape.



-Close your eyes and relax your mind. 


-Get yourself into the meditative state.


-Imagine a staircase in front of you, what does it look like, what colour is it, what is it made of?


-Take a step up onto the first landing.


-How does it feel there? Does it feel comfortable? Can you feel a change in energy?


-Take another step up onto the next landing.


-How does it feel there? Does it feel higher or lower energetically? What do you notice about this landing compared to the previous one? 


-Take another step up 


-Keep going up as high as you feel comfortable in going. Notice the differences along the way.


-When you are as high as you feel comfortable, start to make your way back down.


-Again, notice the changes as you come back down.




Understanding Trance States


You know when you are really into something and you forget where you are and what time it is? You spend hours so focused on this one thing, completely immersed, that when you stop you barely noticed that three hours have gone by and it only felt like half an hour. That is a trance state. You are in a trance state when you are driving, when you are watching TV, when you are asleep. You spend more time in trance states though out the day than you do in normal waking state. So it’s easy! You already know how to do it. Now, it is just controlling it and directing it in such a way to make it work for you. 

Most of the time you will not need to go into deep trance states where you are completely out of it and don’t remember or know what is going on. Edgar Cacey is a good example of this. 

You will most likely be in a light trance state. This is where you will still be aware of what is going on but you will have little control over what is being said or done. It’s kind of like being the co-pilot of an airplane. You are still aware and have some say but someone else is driving the plane. 

For things such as automatic writing, sprit art and creative endeavours, you will most likely be in a light trance state. You eyes will most likely be open and function like a normal human being. 

Concicounes channeling is where you are vocal channeling but still somewhat aware of what is going on. For me it feels like going up in an elevator and looking down on what is going on. I lose all sense of my surroundings and forget who I am talking to and where I am. It is like I am observing what is going on and have little control over what is being said. When I come out of trance, it is like the elevator goes back down very quickly and it takes me a minute to readjust. It like, oh yeah this is what this room looks like and that is how far away I am from the client. 

You will find with experimentation where you need you need to be in trance. A little higher, a little lower, a little to the left etc. You will find what works for you and where you are comfortable. For me I am so used to getting myself into the channeling state that it is automatic and I can get there very quickly. This did take some time to figure out. So don’t worry if it takes time, it’s better to do it right than to force it.



Protecting Yourself


Always use protection! I know what you are thinking and no, not that kind of protection…

We live in a world of duality. So if there are positive beings, there are negative beings. When you are doing this work you are opening yourself up which can leave you vulnerable if you are not careful. We don’t want to work with negative entities right? Right! There is really no point, they are always up to no good and you will get useless or scary information. Always ask for Archangel Michaels protection before you start any of this. State that you only wish to work with beings of love and light only. Say it with me, I only work with beings of love and light and love and light only! You may want to get some white sage and clear yourself and your home i.e smudging. Simply light the sage on fire and blow it out so that you have smoke. All you need is the smoke and you can go around your body, your environment, you car, your friends, your cat etc. This will help remove anything negative and raise the vibrations. I always smudge before I channel. 

Never, never, never channel or do any type of intuitive work while drinking or on drugs. They do not mix. Like, at all. This includes pot and even some pharmaceuticals. Drinking and drug use lower your vibration and allow an open door for whoever to come though. Usually, its the scary guys that come through and we don’t want that because we only work with beings of love and light! Just say no to drugs! (and  alcohol) You can drink but just on your own time, separate the two and you will be fine!

Protecting yourself is so important for you can run into some serious issues if you do not. 

Protect yourself before all hell brakes loose… literally…