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Channeled Messages: On Being Connected To Yourself

Channeled Messages: On Being Connected To Yourself

-Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that as the world shifts into newer energy, it is a good idea for you to make sure that you are connecting in with yourself first and foremost.

Understand that you cannot control what is going on in the world, but you can control what you experience of it.

Where you put your focus is what you will get more of.

We feel that it is a good idea to disconnect from the noise of the outside world and connect in with who you really are, your soul, your higher self, whatever you prefer to call it.

Understand that you live in a world with many different people all with many different views and many different emotions.

It is important to not pick them up as you own, but to tune into yourself and decide how you want to live your life, how you choose to see the world, what you choose to focus on.

Understand that picking up other peoples energies, good or bad, you will always feel like you are on a roller coaster and feel out of control because you are letting other people control your life.

Look at what you do on a daily basis and ask yourself why am I doing this, who am I doing this for?

Am I doing it because I love it, because it is who I am, because it helps others?

Or am I doing it because I am supposed to, I am trying to prove myself in some way, get something or because that is how my family or friends do it?

Many things one does in life whether realized or not, is for someone else or something outside of themselves.

But in doing so, you are always at the mercy of others and it never feels very good or it does not sustain itself.

True fulfillment and happiness comes from within and being connected to who you are.

Understand that it is not selfish, it is the opposite.

When you are connected and doing things because you love it or enjoy it or because that is just who you are, your energy is high, you have something to give, you are of service to yourself and others.

There is always this idea of you need to give and give, but what about you?

Do you not deserve to treat yourself well so that you actually have something to give?

Meditation is a good way to tune into yourself and reconnect.

Being aware of your thoughts and emotions and why you are doing certain things will help.

Being aware of what you are picking up and what is actually yours will help.

As the world shifts, it is a good idea for you to shift back to you, whatever that is.

Understand that many times reconnection is a journey in itself.

Self discovery and growth is one of the most fulfilling things one can do for themselves.

It takes work.

You cannot control what goes on in the world, but you can control what goes on within you and in turn, what you experience in the world.

Try this, for at least one day, notice all the expressions of beauty there is in the world down to the smallest of details.

From the shape of the bare trees, to the curves and dips of the font you are reading, to the shape of your nails, to the beauty of the people you encounter.

Notice how you feel as you do this.

Notice what you experience that day as you do this.

Notice any changes within you.

This exercise helps to create focus and expand on the idea of the subject and take more control over your experience.

You will find more and more things that are beautiful.

You will find more and more things that are beautiful about yourself.

Try it and see what happens.

The world is always changing as are the people in it, you can either get taken for a ride or be the one in the drivers seat.

All of this is just practise and some days will be easier than others, there is no right way or getting it right.

It just is.

You put the meaning onto it.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-

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Elora channels a group called “HU” who are higher dimensional beings and she has channeled them from many years. The channeled messages are from their perspective. Always take what you can and take what resonates with you!

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