Channeled Messages: On Not Micromanaging Your Manifesting

Channeled Messages: On Not Micromanaging Your Manifesting -Beginning of channeled message- Understand that if you get out of your own way, what you have been wanting is then able to start to come to you. Understand that many of you tend to micromanage. You try to control the outcomes or feel like you have to make it happen yourself. You try to heal your body through energy and put all your attention onto the affected area, instead of setting an intention, going into a meditative state and allowing your body to heal itself. You try to control how and when things should manifest. You work at manifesting, putting effort in. You try hard. You get excited about an idea and then you imagine how it could all play out, the good and the bad. You visualize the relationship you have been wanting and you get yourself feeling good. Then after the visualization you wonder when it will happen. You wonder where this person is. You wonder why it hasn’t happened yet. You daydream all the ways this could happen. Then fear gets in and you wonder if you will ever actually meet this person or maybe it would be too good to be true. You get resistant when you do not see any evidence of your manifesting even though you have been working at it for some time. Yes, you create your reality, but that means deciding what you want and how you want to feel. The rest is up to the higher powers or the non-physical elements. If you stated what you wish to experience and then got out of the way by practicing feel good feelings, releasing resistance that comes up, and not worrying about it at all, it would manifest very quickly. You do not know where the money you want could come from. You do not know where or how the right job for you could come about. You do not know how or when or where you will meet the right person. You do not know how your intuitive gifts will evolve. and so on. You are not supposed to know, you are supposed to line up with the feeling. You are not supposed to work hard at it, you are supposed to be easy about it. You are not supposed to control how and when things will come about, you can only control yourself. Control your energy which means how you feel, and you will control your life. You aren’t supposed to know how it will all turn out. You have to become okay in not knowing. But you will get better at it and it will become easier. The getting yourself into a good place and then wondering and daydreaming about it, is trying to control and micromanage. It comes from a place of uncertainty and fear. It is saying that you do not trust that the universe or God or the higher energies know what they are doing. If you found ways to just feel good all day, by that we mean not just plastering a smile on your face, but going through the work of releasing and healing what needs to be healed, and then follow the ideas and inspirations that come up and stay present in that, you would manifest your dream life a hundred times faster. Stop trying to control and micromanage your life and the creative process. Take the journey and allow things to flow into your life. You aren’t supposed to know, and in that not knowing, your desires can show up. We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey. -End of channeled message- Always take what you can and take what resonates with you! *For your own private channeled message, go to No question too big or too small! Elora channels a group called “HU” who are higher dimensional beings and she has channeled them from many years. The channeled messages are from their perspective. Email Readings, Workshops and Events: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: @channelingwithelora Listen to the podcast:

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