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Channeled Messages: On What Freedom Is

-Beginning of channeled message-

We would ask you this, is there not freedom in not knowing how things will turn out, in uncertainty?

If you already know how something is going to turn out, is that not limiting?

Could there not be a million other possibilities for how something will turn out?

Why does one have to limit oneself to a certain outcome?

Do you think the universe or higher energies know what is in your best interest?

Could they not bring you something even better than you could have thought up yourself?

Do you think the universe is limited?

Do you think you are limited?

If so, then why?

Who is placing those limits upon you?

Is it not your own thoughts and beliefs that are simply limited, not you?

Are you truly your own thoughts and beliefs?

Do those not change?

If they change then can you truly own them?

Does one have to have certainty to feel secure in the world and in themselves?

Does one have to control everything to feel secure?

Does one actually control anything outside of themselves?

Where is the freedom in that?

Are you responsible for the world around you?

Or are you responsible for yourself and how you interact with the world around you?

No matter how much you clean and take care of your items, they will still get old, wither away over time, do they not?

Is that something you can control?

The better you take care of something, are you not just prolonging its life?

Will it not eventually fade in some way?

Are you responsible for what others think of you?

Can you control that?

Are you not responsible for how you interact with those around you, the items around you, everything in the physical world?

Are you responsible for how those things respond to you?

Can you control that?

Is there not freedom in letting that go?

Is there not freedom in taking control over your inner world and deciding for yourself how you wish to feel, think, believe?

Is it ever fun to try and control things that are beyond your control?

Does that not always lead to stress?

Stress does not feel like freedom, does it?

Does not controlling how you feel, change what you experience in the physical world?

Is that not the ultimate freedom?

Controlling how you feel and act and letting everything else go?

How much of humans are controlled by the physical reality?

How much time is spent trying to fit in, do what you are supposed to do, be who you think you are supposed to be?

Is that not limiting?

Could there be more opportunities, potential, ideas, and experiences that you could be missing out on?

Is there more to you than the physical world and your physical body?

Does the world need to accept you or do you need to accept you?

Free yourself from the ideas and beliefs that have been placed on you and find out who you really are.

There are no chains, this is not a prison, is it only ones perception that it can feel like it is so.

True freedom is working in accordance with the universe, not against it.

It is recognizing that you have the freedom to control you, your inner world and your actions.

You do not have to listen to anyone or anything if you do not wish to.

There is freedom in uncertainty because in that place everything is possible, there is freedom in letting go because in that place everything can happen, there is freedom in controlling your inner world because then you are not at the mercy of anything or anyone.

No one can hold you back but you, no one can control, you only you letting them, no one can fix you, you have to fix yourself, no one can hurt you, only your perception of it.

This can take work and a shift in mindset takes time.

It is not an automatic shift, it is a gradual shift.

It is a practice.

One that you will always have to keep reviewing.

But in doing so, you will be truly free, whatever that means to you.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-

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Elora channels a group called “HU” who are higher dimensional beings and she has channeled them from many years. The channeled messages are from their perspective.

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