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Channeled Messages: On What It Means To Go With The Flow Of The Universe

-Beginning of channeled message-

Why worry or try to control things you cannot control?

Why waste your energy on things that do not concern you?

Why try to force things and try to make things happen?

Why try to go upstream and go against the flow?

Understand that you can resist the flow of the universe all that you would like to.

But you will still go with it, just at a much slower pace.

This why one tends to feel stuck.

Picture a person swimming upstream or going the wrong way on an escalator.

The water is going one way and the person trying to go the other way.

The escalator is going down, while the person is trying to go up.

There is resistance there and therefore, the person doesn’t really move at all.

The person is going against the flow of nature or the universe.

Understand that there is a flow to the universe and to nature.

Water shapes itself into wherever it is currently existing at the time.

The water evaporates and comes down as rain in a cycle.

The plants exist and grow wherever their roots are and make the best of where they are planted.

Trees grow and grow.

The animals act in their nature and do what is instinctual to them.

The wind blows regardless of what is in its way.

The body grows and functions without one having to think much about it.

Cells regenerate because that is their nature.

Now, when it comes to humans in their physical world, needs and wants become front and center.

They look around them and try to force things into being, effort things, compare what they have to what others have, worry about not being accepted, needing to belong, needing finances, wanting love etc.

How much of your physical world, your wants and needs are creating how you feel currently?

When you want something does it make you feel a certain way?

When you get that thing, does it make you feel a certain way?

How much of the physical world is controlling your inner world?

How much of it are you resisting and trying to control?

How much of it you are trying to swim against the current?

How much of it are you going with the current?

What would happen if you went with the current?

One tries to control or predict things because they do not trust and further more do not feel safe in the not knowing.

Feeling out of control feels unsafe.

But how much of trying to control things that are out of your control, feels good?

We would say all the time, it never feels good.

It is the stress, anxiety, depression etc.

Notice the moments you are in the flow of the universe, when things just seem to work out, when there are synchronicities, when opportunities just seem to show up, when that friend you had been thinking about calls out of the blue etc.

We would say those always feel good.

So, one going with the flow of the universe it can feel scary because one cannot predict what will happen, but it always feels good when one is in the flow.

When one is going against the flow, it feels safer because you think you are in control but it never feels very good.

That is the conundrum isn’t it?

What is the solution?

Is the solution then not to create a feeling of safety and confidence while one is in the flow of the universe?

Is it not to practice staying present, staying in your own lane and staying focused?

Is it not learning to trust?

Why do you think people say to enjoy the journey or the moment?

You can control whether you enjoy the journey or the moment no matter what is happening can you not?

Some of you will say no, that is not possible.

Have you tried?

Have you made the effort to go inwards and recognize that you do not have to believe every thought you think, that you can focus your thoughts, that you are never at the mercy of anything?

If you can master happiness and feeling good and going with the flow of the universe when you have absolutely nothing, you will be the master of yourself and your experience.

There is never a physical object in your world that will ever actually make you happy.

It is your perspective in relation to it.

There are poor people who are happy and rich people who are miserable.

You may have your dream car and to someone else it is a pile of junk.

You may find the love of your life but to their ex, they are a nightmare.

It is all subjective.

It is not thing object or person that makes you happy, it is your relation to it.

Therefore, happiness always comes from the inside.

It just doesn’t always feel that way.

Now, we are not saying that you cannot be happy with items or people or that you should never want anything.

You are supposed to want things, enjoy life, have items etc.

It is when those become the end all be all that it become a problem.

It is no longer a desire but a need.

And need equals swimming upstream.

How does one get into the flow of the universe?

The easiest way is to be in the present moment.

Practice being present in your life.

You can also practice raising your vibration by visualizing something that goes up like stairs or an elevator.

And see yourself going upwards as high as you can go, feel your body lifting and feel yourself releasing the physicalness of the world.

If you do that and practice staying present at the same time, you will be there immediately.

If you feel yourself sliding back down, do the process again.

It only needs to take a few seconds.

The more you do it the better you will get at it.

As you practice this, start to create awareness of how the physical world is dictating how you feel and think.

Then say to yourself regardless of what it is, this has no meaning, I don't have to believe that, I can see this situation differently.

All of this is practice and experimenting and seeing what works best for you.

Go with the flow of the universe.

Be easy about life.

Take a gentle approach.

Follow the inspirations and see where they lead you.

Do not worry about the things you cannot control and learn to control yourself.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-

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