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Channeled Messages: On Why Consistency Is Important

Channeled Messages: On Why Consistency Is Important

-Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that consistency is important in your experience.

Wether it is manifesting something, learning something new, or working towards a goal.

It is about creating momentum and consistency is how you create momentum.

You cannot do affirmations or visualizations once and expect much to change.

You may notice small changes such as feeling better or things starting to work out for you.

But you cannot let it slide.

You have to keep the momentum going to experience more of that energy.

You do not take one piano lesson and all of a sudden you are composing masterpieces.

Manifesting is the same way.

It is a build up of energy.

It is okay if you have bad days or moments of negativity for they will help move you forward if you deal with them properly.

You may notice that as you visualize or do affirmations or whatever you are using to help manifest, that negative things may come to the surface.

It is your job to heal them and let them go so you can keep moving forward.

You may need to switch or change what you are using to manifest as time goes on and that is fine.

The more you do anything, the better you are going to be at it.

You are always learning and growing.

There is no perfect.

There is no, if I get this then I will be good enough, happy, perfect, loved etc.

Those are things that come from within.

When you take the approach of always learning and growing, there is always momentum being created.

Consistency means doing it as often as you can.

Consistency means being easy about it, not forcing it or trying hard.

Consistency means doing the inner work because you know that is what will set you up for the the physical world.

Give yourself blocks of time.

For example, for a week I will meditate every day for thirty minutes and see what happens.

Or for a month I will visualize my goal coming true every morning before work for five minutes and see what happens.

Or for today I will follow my impulses and inspirations and see where they lead me.

Do you notice the wording?

See what happens, where it will lead me.

Not, then I will get it and be happy.

Curiosity creates openness and opportunities for more.

Curiosity is growth.

There is no then I will get it and then I will be happy.

There will always be more to want.

You have to create the feeling for that is the first indicator of a manifestation.

Be consistent with that feeling the best you can.

And see what happens.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-

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