"Hi Elora,

Wow! This is the second reading I ordered from you and each and every time you are spot on about everything. I thank you for helping me ease my mind and clarify everything for me.

Greatly appreciated.

Thanks again"

-J.C, Australia 

"Thank you so much for your message.  It was great to hear such a positive message. Also, amazingly interesting and crazily accurate! Thank You Elora, I appreciate your help."

-J.R, Toronto, ON

"I wanted to take a moment to really thank you for my reading. It has come at a time where i really needed it. I have been almost falling into a depression in my life and your words have really given me a wakeup call. 

Thank you!!"

-C.Y, Toronto, ON

"Hi Elora,

I can't thank you enough for this!! The message really resonates with me and I already feel more grounded. I appreciate your assistance so much and I'm sure I will returning."

-N.S, Oakville, ON

"Thank you Elora, I also thank your angels.

You have no idea how much this reading means to me.

This message elated my heart, I get so much strength from it."


-I.M, Mississauga, ON

"I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help this year! I have found an interest in understanding how to better connect with source/if I can. You've been a huge inspiration! Thanks for all the guidance/videos/readings/posts."

-C.R, Mississauga, ON


"Hi Elora!

Thank you so much for this! I LOVE reading your blogs but I honestly wasn’t sure how it would be for a personal reading. Everything made perfect sense and validated much of what I had been feeling all along. Amazing!!!"

-J.T. Hamilton, ON


"Elora,  I really want to thank you for all the guidance and advice you have given.  I would not have imagined being in this place without the support of you and your mom.  I really hope you realize how much i appreciate you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting up with me while i am discovering myself. "

-S.H. Toronto, ON

" Thank you so much.  You have such a beautiful gift; just like your mother.  I have been following your advice and things are following into place; everything you said is true."

-N.T, Oakville, ON

"Thank you so much for your reading.

As always, you provide me with very helpful guidance."

-V.M. Toronto, ON


Thank you,


"This was hugely helpful! Thank you SO much for relaying this message for me.  I really appreciate your help."

-S.F, Toronto ON

"Amazing!!!!  Thank you so much for this and the speed with which you sent it.

It is exactly what I needed to hear!"

-J.S, Burlington, ON

"Hi elora,

Wow thank you so much for that extremely positive reading it was exactly what I want to hear. Thank you so much Elora. I love the reading you gave me!"

-J.C. Toronto, ON 

"Thank you so much Elora for answering me so quickly! Your words and insights are very helpful to hear and greatly appreciated. This is a tough road to face but I think I know what it is I have to do. Thanks for validating. "

-Sita, Toronto 

"Hi Elora. Thank you so very much for relaying these words of wisdom to me. They have brought about many revelations that will serve me greatly. Much appreciated."

-C.C. Hamilton, ON 

"Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. 

This reading is something I needed to hear and it brings me great joy to have such wonderful advice to focus on."

-M.C , Oakville, ON

"Thank you so much for this reading it has definitely made me feel better and given me more clarity"

-S.K. Toronto

"Hi Elora,

Thanks so much for the reading. It really was spot on!"

-J.C, Australia 

"Thank you for the email reading! I found it very helpful and it gave me a better understanding of my career path. I definitely recommend this!"
-J.M, Oakville, ON

"Thank you so much you really truly picked up on my energy especially holding on to the outcome. I'm so happy to have this message and I will be requesting further email readings this evening or tomorrow.

You really helped me more than you know (or perhaps you do know ;) lol)"

-A.S.  Ajax, ON

" I just wanted to thank you you've been really helpful and I would love to connect with you again. I feel like you've truly provided the guidance I needed."

N.J- United States 

"Thank you for the guidance/reading. It is very insightful and inspirational regarding the changes I am anticipating. Thanks again!"
-M.S, Ontario

"It's crazy how spot on the reading was!"
-B.D, Toronto, ON

"Thank you for the beautiful reading!"
-A.M, Oakville, ON

"Thank You Elora for your reading. It was exciting to receive it and it has set my mind at ease for my health issues."
-K.M, Burlington, ON

"Thanks so much for your thorough and caring reading and approach. Lots to process! I feel this will truly help me move forward!"
-S.K, Oakville, ON


"Just wanted to say Thank you for reading last week. I was not sure what to expect but came away very thankful I came to see you. It was very comforting to know my grandparents are watching over me. You were very accurate decribing my grandfather!"

-Kelly, Mississauga, ON

"Thank you! I admire your skills.
You could probably calm down the Hulk!"
-Jake, Oakville​

"Thank you Elora. I'm amazed at how accurate you are about him and this situation.It just confirms what I already know and feel.This is very helpful so thanks again :)"

-Sherry, Milton, ON


"That was spectacular!"

-Robert, Toronto, ON​

"Thank you so much Elora . You have hit the nail on the head!"

-IG, Mississauga, ON​

"Hi Elora,

Thank you so much!

You have given me hope and clarity something I desperately need.

Thank you and Bless you."

-Elvira, Toronto ON 


"Thank you so much for this channeled message, it really helped a lot!"

-S.R., Oakville ON


"Thank you so much for your prompt response you have helped me to think positively again . I really appreciate it thank you so much ."

-Melissa S. Burlington, ON

"Dear Elora,
First of all. I want to thank you for the wonderful session!
It was very insightful and positive. I feel very relaxed and renewed!

I had very interesting and vivid dreams last night!

I would definitely like to keep in touch and visit you again, at a later date."

-Carlos, United States

"Thanks so much for the reading Elora. That was quite a unique and incredible experience. It was a positive experience for me."

-G.S., North York, ON

"Thank you, Elora! This is very helpful. I know that I'll be reading these messages over and over in the coming weeks and months."


-C.M, Burlington, ON

"I truly appreciate the words Elora spoke when I visited, I find myself clinging to them!"

-Candice E., Toronto ON

"Thank you!!! 
My sister needed this. She feels better. ❤️"

-Urm, Oakville ON


"Thanks for the email reading last week! It helped to give me peace of mind on an issue that was troubling me quite a bit. I found reading the channeled message to be fascinating, insightful and spiritual!
All the best!"


-Alex, Toronto, ON 


"Reading my channelled message was a great delight! My questions were answered in a very lovely and insightful way, and the answers have given me courage to move forward in my life pursuits. I hope Angels In Your Inbox keeps growing. Nothing but positive thoughts your way! Thank you very much Elora! "


-Anna, Mississauga, ON


"I just want to thank you for answering my questions. I can't for the life of me figure out how you were able to do it, but you were certainly spot on!"
-Yvonne, Oakville, ON


"I was very pleased when you connected with my husband who passed three years ago. I often feel he is around me and for you to confirm it was wonderful ! You also mentioned our pets and to know they are with him is comforting. Receiving a message from him was just what I needed."
Thank you,
-Betty, Orangeville

"Elora was such a blessing to receive a reading from. She is extremely mature, on point with personal details, and took the time to answer any questions that I had throughout the reading. My mediumship and past life regression readings will be sure to help me heal from the passing of my mother tremendously. Thank you Elora for sharing your beautiful gift with me and I look forward to visiting you once more!"
-Mallory, Charlotte, NC